Design and Build Guidelines for installing Service Points on cycle higwhays

  1. Plan
  2. Design and Build
  3. Sell
  4. Evaluate

Service hubs - preparing for installation

When preparing the purchase of service hubs along a cycle highway,  you need to carefully assess your needs. This questions can help you out: 

  • The goals of the hub: why do I want a hub?
    • To attract (new) cyclists, to promote the route, to stand out to other modes/routes
    • To offer a service to cylists: sheltering, meeting, enjoying
    • To offer multiple functions: reloading, storage, information, 
  • Location for the hub:
    • will people stop and use it on that spot? How is the social security on that spot? Does the location allow people to stop (enough space), …? Our there other services in the neighbourhood competing with the hub? 
    • How big is the spot? Big enough for a huge hub with sheltering, or only place for a DIY repair column? 
    • If you need electricity: is that possible on the choosen location (without to much costs?)? Is solar energy an option (shadow of trees, buildings...)
    • If you need water supply (tap water): is that possible? 
    • Does the owner of the location agrees to use the location? 
  • What services?
    • What services do people want? Do a survey...
    • What do they need at that specific location? Think about: 
      • bike stands (covered?)
      • rain and/or sun protection
      • diy bike repair facilities
      • bike repair (e.g. with social employment)
      • electric charging stations
      • food & drinks
      • toilet facilities
      • bike parts and tools
      • smartphone charging
      • free wifi
      • bins for trash 
      • seats to take a rest
      • information, local maps, touristic informatoin
      • tap water
      • bike cleaning spot
      • weather info
      • first aid kit
      • ...
  • Specifications of the hub:
    • Fixed or mobile?
    • Design: highly visible (preferable: fits the branding of the cycle highway (network)) 
    • Safe and secure forms and materials
    • Weather proof
    • Vandalism proof
    • Contact details to report problems/damage 
    • Repair contract in case of problems
    • Who is responisble? Who takes over maintenance after purchaising?

After realising the hub, think also of evaluating the investment: 

  • what’s the impact of the service on consumers’ cycling frequency?
  • Do people feel safer using this route knowing the facility is here?
  • Does the hub strengthens the brand of the cycle highway? 

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