Sell Local residents in particular commuters

  1. Plan
  2. Design and Build
  3. Sell
  4. Evaluate
Two women with bikes at Active Travel Hub Sustrans established first Active Travel Hub in Belfast to promote cycling to commuters on the Comber Greenway into the...

Commuters want to know the health benefits, which are particularly important to attract new cycling commuters as our CHIPS programme survey showed. They also want to know if the cycle highway will save them time and money, as well as offer attractive amenities along the way.

This campaign includes:

  •  Initiatives to encourage and support active commuting with health messages at the heart of it e.g. cycling reduces risk of premature death and the burden of significant chronic conditions.
  •  Creating bespoke promotional messaging to support engaging employees and employers in CHIPS campaigns.
  •  Engaging with employers and employees along the cycle highway route raising awareness, enabling, supporting people so more commute by bike.


  •  The Belfast part of the CHIPS project, delivered by cycling and walking charity Sustrans, focused on behavioural change. The main aim is to get commuters to cycle along the Comber Greenway – a seven-mile long cycle highway from the rural suburbs into the city.
  •  In order to establish who was using the cycle highway we carried out user surveys of the route. This was followed up by workplace surveys asking why people don’t cycle to work, identifying the barriers and the motivators. We identified all the main employers along the Comber Greenway route and developed contacts with them in order to access employees/commuters.
  •  We created a map showing the route and identified residential areas and workplaces to focus on. We developed this map showing access points to the Comber Greenway along the route and distributed this via a local free newspaper to reach residents in the area.
  •  Sustrans set up an Active Travel Hub at a public square, near the Comber Greenway, with a bike repair station and pump. This serves as a base for the project and public interface to promote cycling and provide route information.


  •  Mobility advisor met with companies along the cycle highway and planned how to support employees to cycle to work
  •  Promotional events including TilburgFietst


  •  Guided Bike + Business tours for employees from their homes to their workplaces e.g. to the chemical engineering company SANOFI-Aventis; staff of aircraft carrier Lufthansa; and also for the Frankfurt Fair.
  •  Route-planning for employees and introduction to using e-bikes for daily commuting.

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