Sell Campaign 7: Creating A Community Of Trip Generators

  1. Plan
  2. Design and Build
  3. Sell
  4. Evaluate

Background and aim

This is a promotional campaign to raise the profile of the cycle highway to the wider community. It also recognises and celebrates the diversity of users of the cycle highway from cycling commuters and families to runners and dog walkers. The cycle highway is a resource the whole community can have pride in and use.

As well as supporting an increasing number of cycle commuters, the cycle highway is an asset used by different groups within the local community. It is a shared path for people to enjoy the outdoors either for a utility trip or leisure. This campaign will encourage the local community to feel ownership and pride in the route. This will also include visibility and usage of the route.

Primary audience

Residents and community organisations along cycle highway.


  • Staff and volunteer time in contacting community groups, schools, leisure centres etc.
  • Staff time in organising and running events; including led walks/rides and training or events along the cycle highway.
  • Shaping “the offer” – incentives for organisations to get involved
  • Resources for events and activities, promotions bike hire, entertainers, cycle instructors.

Outputs and impact

  • Greater awareness of the cycle highway resulting in increased usage
  • Better relations/ less conflict between different users eg. walkers and cyclists
  • Community events such as walks, led rides and talks
  • Window badge/ certificates of membership
  • ‘Festival’ on the cycle highway

Examples of Interventions

Organising activities and events to involve members of the community using the cycle highway and surrounding area:

  • Led walks/rides/treasure hunts 
  • Cycle training – for adults and children (where possible).
  • Work with groups in the community to identify areas with ideas for improvement
  • Active Travel Hub – providing a base for information, route-planning & cycle skills
  • Information about different bikes and children’s trailers
  • Offer e-bike trials on the cycle highway
  • Identification of need for infrastructure and better signage from community consultation
  • Festival of events celebrating the cycle highway eg. Belcycle in Belfast
  • Sustrans has run the ‘One Path’ Initiative to promote inclusive use of the Comber Greenway.

Plan of Action

Step 1Scoping

  • Identify community organisations in the cycle highway/greenway area.
  • Contact stakeholders to discuss issues and interest in the cycle highway. Organise meetings with those in the community to help identify issues and from this develop suitable activities (dependent on age, ability, availability of individuals and groups).

Step 2Develop

  • Develop a range of resources to raise awareness and interest in the cycle highway within local communities.  This could range from maps and signage to general information leaflets. Working with the community develop a ‘suite’ of activities to promote more residents using the cycle highway.

Step 3Promotion/events

  • Organise promotional events and activities to raise awareness of the cycle highway
  • Offer cycle training, trying out bikes, e-bikes, information about bikes, led walks and led rides.
  • Organise a festival of fun activities and art based on and around the cycle highway e.g. Becycle in Belfast
  • The ‘One Path’ Initiative – a funded project led by Sustrans to tackle conflict on the Comber Greenway, to promote good behaviour based around the idea of sharing the path and respecting each other’s journeys. This involved encouraging dialogue between the different users, highlighting concerns and developing a ‘One Path’ ideology: Share, Respect, Enjoy through a variety of activities. Resources could include posters, stickers, ‘membership’ stickers/badges, and information sessions.


  • Number of community organisations signed up to the scheme
  • Number of people taking part in activities and events
  • Increase in number of people using the cycle highway.

Case studies

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Sustrans organised a family-friendly festival called Belcycle on16  June 2018 near the Comber Greenway, cycle highway in east Belfast at CS Lewis Square.

The festival was promoted to the local community to celebrate all things cycling, offering a wide variety of free, fun pedal-powered attractions and activities. 

CS Lewis Square is the ideal location for the festival being where the Comber and Connswater Community Greenways intersect. The square is also home to Sustrans Active Travel Hub which encourages commuters in east Belfast to try alternatives to the car such as public transport, or cycling and walking.

There were bikes of all shapes and sizes to test ride at Belcycle, including tandems, cargo bikes, and adapted bikes for those with special needs. There were bike maintenance workshops & demos, as well as police bike security advice and tagging. The festival had stalls offering advice and tips from local cycling retailers on bikes, clothing and accessories, as well as information on cycling adventures, holidays, clubs and events. Like any festival there were also tasty food and refreshments, live entertainment, music and competitions to keep everyone entertained.

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