Sell Employers/workplaces/ local business and retail

  1. Plan
  2. Design and Build
  3. Sell
  4. Evaluate
Three men and woman with bike and sign saying How do you travel to work with crane in background Employers attended launch of new Cycle-friendly Employer Accreditation Scheme at the docks area of Belfast in April...

Employers want to know how staff cycling is beneficial to both their employees’ well-being and productivity. Local business or retailers want to know the economic value to them of people cycling. These audiences therefore need to be convinced by compelling evidence, strong case studies and tailored messages to sell the cycle highway.

This campaign aims:

  •  to show the rewards for employers who have a workforce which travels actively, both in increased productivity and reduced absenteeism
  •  to show the vibrancy of life around cycle highways
  •  to highlight the economic benefit to retailers of cyclists as customers
  •  to increase the awareness of the cycle highway as a commuter route and customer generator
  •  to create a mental map of how the cycle highway can be used for different journeys.


  •  Open days at the Active Travel Hub in Belfast for employers and organisations along the route to find out how they can encourage staff to cycle to work and take part in cycle training, route planning. Also help employers develop cycle parking and facilities to support staff commuting by bike.
  •  Created the Pedal Perks cycling loyalty scheme to be an attractive incentive for retailers to sign up to and prove the popularity of cycling commuters.
  •  Launched the European Cycle-friendly Employer Accreditation Scheme in Northern Ireland to provide a visible incentive to companies investing in supporting cyclists and have heavily promoted it to east Belfast employers.


  •  Survey on the Rijnwaalpad relating to user's mental maps of the cycling highway
  •  Engaged companies to develop promotional material linked to results.


  • Development of a map with related services/destinations on cycle highways
  • Collaboration with cycle rental companies to promote cycling
  • Development of website and map for cycling in the region.

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