Sell Government planners/decision-makers

  1. Plan
  2. Design and Build
  3. Sell
  4. Evaluate
Politicians and Sustrans staff with bike and campaign sign with Stormont building in background Sustrans engaged with politicians pictured here at Stormont, the government of Northern Ireland to promote cycling to...

Decision-makers are most keen to see the cost-benefit or economic value of the cycle highway. Politicians will also be interested in the health and environmental benefits they bring to the local community. Actions that are seen to improve a community in terms of its liveability and attractiveness, increase their chances of being re-elected.


  •  Sustrans has lobbied and worked with government officials at the Department for Infrastructure to emphasise the importance of the cycle highway and to get investment to improve it. The Comber Greenway, for example, has been widened in 2018 from 3 to 4 metres and there are future plans to install lighting.
  •  Sustrans has also worked with the Northern Ireland public transport provider Translink to enhance the use of the cycle highway by creating links to the new rapid transit service (Glider) on the nearby main road and provide secure cycle storage along the route including at its Park & Ride terminus.
  •  Engagement with government staff at Stormont estate, near cycle highway to provide practical example of benefits of cycling. This included a photo-call with politicians, see image above, to promote this which generated media interest.


  •  Working with two municipalities (Nijmegen and adjacent Overbetuwe)
  •  Upgrade of bus stops in combination with a promotional action to encourage cycling/bus use to the city centre of Nijmegen. Locations are close to a new residential area within cycling/bus distance to the city centre.


  •  Development of a communication plan for governments, province and partners – different levels of authority.
  •  Use of press and media to highlight positive benefits of cycle highways to influence decision-makers.

Bike + Business congress at the Messe Frankfurt award. The Minister of Transport (of the Land Hessen), Tarek Al-Wazir (Green Party), took part in this event.

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