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Networking has always been an important part of building any business or industry. That’s why the Readability Toolbox enables experts and creative designers to engage and contribute to the knowledge.

Experts can help grow the shared knowledge of the Readability Toolbox by interacting, sharing articles and new ideas that might help or inspire others. 

Fill the gap

Fill the gap is a tool to help find those making waves in cycle highways. This tool allows you to contribute to the expansion of the shared knowledge, create articles, but also connect with experts in this area.

If you discover a gap and have an idea to fill it, please fill the gap and inspire other users.

Submit your solution

Upload documents

Articles can be useful to other experts in the area, as well as individual users. The best way to expand the knowledge is to upload the valuable resources useful to all readers of the article. You can upload images, texts, documents and pictures of the maps, so that understanding of the readability toolbox is increased.  Within the “Fill the gap form” you can find the “upload” sections where you can make your article enriched with valuable resources!


Even if you don’t fill the gap in terms of writing an article, you can still contribute to the readability toolbox.

If you’re looking to connect with the experts in your industry offline, an easy way is to engage with them through discussion segment within any article. You, too, can participate in the discussions on different issues and matters in the article.

Monitor Social Media Hashtags

In addition to using a valuable tool like Fill the gap, you can also spread the word about the Readability Toolbox via social media and hash tags. You can join in or start the conversation by using the same trending hashtag related to the Readability Toolbox.

With the onslaught of social media platforms, like YouTube and LinkedIn, experts are able to create solid followings and offer insight to those they influence, and even more expand the knowledge on Readability Toolbox.

Since so much of our lives are online, it is important to create an online and offline relationship with those who are industry experts. 


Contribute to the Readability toolbox!

Your idea or example might help others and feed new ideas.