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Cycle Highway Academy in London, October 2017

The Cycle Highway Manual is a product of the CHIPS project (Cycle Highways Innovation for smarter People transport and Spatial planning) financed by Interreg North-West Europe. It summarises 3 years of knowledge sharing and research between partners from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, UK and Denmark. It aims to be a help for professionals that deal with cycle highway planning, design, construction, selling, maintenance, monitoring or evaluation.

Field trip on Farum Route (C95) during Cycle Highway Academy in Copenhagen, May 2018.

There are already many existing guidelines on how to plan and design cycle highways – either as separate manuals or as part of wider cycling design standard. This website does not intend to duplicate them or decide which one is the best. Instead we aim to bring added value of international perspective by identifying common trends, points where different guidelines diverge to better adapt to national or regional context, as well as some areas yet uncharted. We also discuss practical experiences with diverse standard and non-standard solutions - both best practices, and mistakes to avoid.

The manual is not a detailed design guide, but in several aspects gives consortium-validated guidance on how to design, implement and brand high quality and attractive cycle highways. Other chapters deal with promotion towards users, synergies with public transport, integration in spatial planning, financing options, conditions for optimal roll out and monitoring.  

We hope you will find useful information and learn from what we developed. But don't forget to give us your feedback and view on the content you will encounter! Several pages have a Comments section at the bottom, we organise regular meetings via the Cycle Highways Academy and we created a LinkedIn group in order to exchange knowledge and build a community of cycle highways experts. Don't hesitate to reach out!